Divine Proportion Pilates Studio

Divine Proportion Pilates Studio

Move Better. Move Beyond Exercise.


At Divine Proportion Pilates, pain-free movement is the goal. Whether you are in the process of rehabilitation from a serious injury, or just want to get stronger, Bethany Clemen works side by side with you to customize a holistic program that takes you beyond exercise. Tailored to your needs and goals, Bethany has found the combination of Hendrickson Method™ Massage and Manual Therapy, Pilates-based movement and anatomical/bio-mechanical knowledge to be a powerful therapeutic combination. The ultimate goal is for everyone to:

  • Experience less and less pain
  • Be able to perform all of life’s tasks with ease
  • Be able to move with strength and freedom whether
    you are an athlete, avid exercises, stay-at-home mom or…

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This spine extension and rotation exercise is good for general strength, especially with all of our device use habits these days.